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Frank Army

Frank Kramer is LA’s very own premier radio talk-show host. He’s topped LA’s airwaves and dominated its AM/FM markets for over two decades. The Heidi & Frank show on FM 95.5 KLOS airs weekday mornings and has developed a cult following, the infamous Frank Army. For years, he has shared his love for cannabis over the airwaves. With the urging and excitement of the Frank Army, Frank has partnered up with ILLA Canna to get top LA indoor grown cannabis out to his listeners. Urban Blaze is the first release in this partnership. The flower in his Frank Army products is grown by the ILLA Canna cultivation team with expert, high-tech knowledge, and the utmost care.

So go take a smoke break and have a mini-vacation with these HIGHLY curated buds approved by your very own, Frank Kramer.

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